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제품명    : 분광광도계(UV-VIS)
제조회사    : ABBOTA
제조국가    : USA
상품코드    : SV-1200

Wavelength range 325-1000nm 
Spectral Bandwidth 4nm 
Optical system single beam 1200lines / mm 
Output USB,Parallel port 
Power AC 220V 50Hz 
Dimension(W*D*H) 470*370*160mm 
Weight 12kg 

SV1200 Digital Visible Spectrophotometers

Automatically setting the wavelength
Standard Curve and Coefficient Method
Data can be restored after a sudden power cut.
Convenient for checking and reloading from saved files.
Pre-Alignment design makes it convenient to change lamps.
Basic Mode: Absorbance, Transmittance, and Concentration measurements.
Large sample compartment. It can accommodate 5-100mm Pathlength cuvettes with optional cell holders.
Large LCD screen (128 x 64 bits). It can display 3 groups per screen with standard curve and the curve equation.
Test result can be saved directly to system. The built-in RAM can store 50 groups of data and 10 standard curves.
The SpectroSoft application software provides complete control of the spectrophotometer from a computer through the built-in USB port.